Client Specification:

  • Maximise space without loosing a light and airy feel
  • Modern look with a contemporary design


The client wanted us to mange the project from the image she saw in her dreams to reality.
We submitted planning application alongside structural calculations. Which was passed in matter of weeks!

Phase One

Removing Three garages.

Early morning, we got to site and spotted a complication the old roof for the garages we believed contained asbestos. Immediately we call our in-house Asbestos surveyors which closed the site until further testing was carried out. Risk management plans set up and asbestos finally removed in a safe manor.

Drawing boundary line for us to work within as per property title plan. We started marking out the site, we then noticed one of the neighbour’s garden which is backing onto our site, had in fact trespassed into our land. We notified the owner and took the neighbours to court. We fought the case on her behalf and won. Always going above and beyond!

All in all, including some of the unforeseen issues we still managed to finish the project on time so that the owner could move into her dream home!